There are numerous benefits associated with being a shareholder of Everen Specialty Ltd.


Everen Specialty Ltd. provides insurance covering Property, and Excess Liability.

Energy Industry Focused

Only eligible energy companies qualify for being a shareholder.


While many traditional insurance companies amend their risk apetite routinely, Everen Specialty Ltd. endeavors to provide consistent and reliable limits.

Financial Security

Capital adequacy, ceded reinsurance and an effectively managed investment portfolio assure members of the Company’s continuing ability to pay catastrophic losses.


Ownership by the energy industry assures customers of the continuing long-term availability of coverage.

Policyholder Input

Shareholders have input into policy wording and major initiatives.


One of the keys to Everen Specialty Ltd. success is its operating efficiency, which is unchallenged by large multi-line commercial insurers.


Everen Specialty Ltd. is a member-owned insurance company with no independent owners.