Excess Liability

Excess Liability

Direct Insurance

Target Industries

When providing insurance, Everen Specialty Ltd. can do so directly or as reinsurance coverage of the company’s captive insurance company. The policies are identical except for minor differences in wording to reflect the fact that the reinsurance policy is designed for use in accessing Everen Specialty Ltd. via an insurance subsidiary.

Energy (Upstream, Midstream, Downstream)
Mining & Metals

Policy Conditions

Foreign Currency Policies

Territory: Worldwide
Currency: U.S. Dollars or acceptable Foreign Currencies
Governing Law: New York State
Preferred Arbitration: London, England or Bermuda

Everen Specialty Ltd. has the ability to provide policies in GBP, CAN$, EURO, AUS$

Limits & Attachments

Flexibility in limits and attachments

Maximum Limits

Flexible Layering

$75,000,000 (Claims Made; Follow Form AEGIS, Occurrences First Reported, etc.)
$25,000,000 (Occurrence, Claims Trigger)

Coverage may be in multiple non-contiguous layers or on a quota share basis

Minimum Limit

Excess Liability Forms

$25,000,000 for Shareholder members

There is no minimum limit for Non-Shareholder insureds

Most common follow forms are available